Mac OS Lion 10.7.2 memory problems

As I was working using firefox I noticed the appearance of the well known ‘beach ball’ that shows that the operating system is struggling to acquire resources.

Immediately I ran Activity Monitor to see what is going on.

Here is the table with the processes that I’ve got after running Activity Monitor Utility:

(The picture was taken by using that Mac OS capture utility – press command + shift + 4)



Before stopping running applications


Then I stopped all running applications and ran again Activity Monitor to check the memory usage.

What I saw was this :


After closing all running applications


The only free memory that I’ve got was only 2.74GB out of 8GB of total memory!

Then I did a restart and here is what I get right after booting :



After restarting system

It is obvious that there is much work to be done from apple developers to make Lion capable of managing its memory in a more efficient way!

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